Ortovox 320+ pfa

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Stretched length: 320 cm
Closed length: 40 cm
Weight: 430 g
Diameter: 13 mm


The professional aluminum probe with sturdy steel cable pull line. Like all Ortovox premium probes, the 320+ is delivered with the "pfa" quick-release tensioning system. The probe is stretched within seconds and just as quickly collapsed and put together. Slackening of the segments can be ruled out! The individual segments have a diameter of 13 mm, which makes the probe very stiff and thus accurate. The burial depth can be easily read to allow planning of appropriate shoveling strategies. The grip sleeve made of EVA foam provides the necessary comfort during probing practices. It fits the hand easily and ensures warm fingers.
Like all Ortovox probes, the 320+ pfa is delivered with a practical quick-release cover.